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About Us

The WAWLE Group

WAWLE was founded with the simple belief that Wealth And Wellness are the two primary contributing factors to Life Excellence.


As a mother of two (USD '15; NYU '20), it is easy for me to remember a time when my children’s futures often took priority over my own. With 11+ years of involvement as the parent group leader and foundation chairwoman at the top ranked public high school in America, I have witnessed firsthand the financial burdens of college cost and the ways which they hamper family's futures. Even with 18+ years of experience as a financial & business analyst, the inner workings of financial planning towards higher-level education were enough to catch our family off guard. Now, with the graduation of my youngest, my experience has been honed with the discovery of insights and strategies I wish I knew earlier. I founded WAWLE simply because I want to keep parents from making the same mistakes I and many others have made.

College financial planning is only one of the puzzles towards sustainable wealth and wellness. At WAWLE, we believe in comprehensive financial planning that includes Retirement Saving Planning; Tax Strategies; Insurance and Protection Planning; Estate Planning. We have certified, dedicated and talented financial experts that can help and guide you to achieve the financial goals. Along the way, we want you to gain financial knowledge too.


When was the last time you had your financial checkup done? Contact us today for a consultation!       

Our Team
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Lu Shi (石露)


California License #: 4055640

Brokerage Life Sales
Association of Certified College Funding Specialist (ACCFS)
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