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Lu Shi (石露)

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 2:30:00 AM UTC

Ms. Lu Shi was invited to present this seminar to the parents of Portola High School in Irvin, California, USA.

讲座主题 / Topics:

  • 了解美国大学奖助学金申请的体系 (FAFSA & CSS Profile) / Understand the American University Scholarship Application System (FAFSA & CSS Profile)

  • 高中每个年级策划的重点提示 / Key Tips for Planning for Each Grade in High School

  • 低/中/高收入的家庭如何规划 / How do Low/Middle/High-Income Families Plan

  • 如何做合理的资产配置, 享受最大的惠顾 / How to Make a Reasonable Asset Allocation and Enjoy the Maximum Benefits

  • 最新的FAFSA改变对华裔家庭有何影响 / How Will the Latest FAFSA Changes Impact Chinese American Families

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